Lighting a Fire on This Project

matches-1439815-mI started this blog with the intention of writing at least once a week, since I retired from my day job (freelance writing) to focus on my day and night job – wife to Warren and Mommy to RL (5 1/2), Logan (14 months) and Anna Catherine (due in just 13 short weeks).

But the past few days, I’ve been tempted to return to writing. I miss writing like a kid misses his blanket (to borrow from Fergie and to place that song in your head). And a little incident in the backyard reminded me of something my dad always said. It’s time to light a fire.

Before I make my public commitment to light a fire on this project (You Are a Work of God), let me tell you my hilarious tale of sitting in a pile of fire ants.

Logan is starting to talk and while it’s gibberish most of the time, he’s just about saying “out” for outside. My kids love going out to play on the swing set and in the yard. So, about 10:30 yesterday morning, we headed out back. He wanted to play with the plastic ball we keep out there, so I scoped a place in the grass for the two of us to sit.

Not 10 seconds later, I was screaming, “My leg is on fire.” At least 20 ants were making a meal of my left leg and rear end.

So, after I removed Logan from the scene, I got them off. There’s not much damage, but after looking at my ant-eaten leg this morning, I was reminded of my dad’s words. It’s time to light a fire.

You see, I’ve never been one to quickly attack any project. I love to procrastinate with a book, a blog article or that silly old friend called Facebook.

But after an encouraging text from my friend Tieah yesterday, I realized that the only way I’m going to light this fire is to actually do it.

I’m not sure what exactly this blog will be in two weeks or six months, but the goal is to get geared up for writing a book based on the concept that every person is a work of God. I’ll share an update on what that looks like as I flesh it out. You can read more about the project here.

Today’s commitment is to post at least three times a week on the blog. Something encouraging. Something useful. Something that points you to the work of God in you.

Thanks to all my friends and family for the encouragement to do this. If you’d like to receive the blog updates via email, please sign up here.

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