Choosing Grace By the Moment

If I'd chosen busyness this morning, I'd have missed this sweet moment.

If I’d chosen busyness this morning, I’d have missed this sweet moment.

I woke up at the first light of dawn this morning with a bit of a dilemma: get up and get going for the day or try and go back to sleep.

I’m sure many people have this same dilemma every morning. Usually, sleep or the desire to get a jump on the day wins. I had a lot to do today, but I chose to try to sleep. Well, sleep alluded me.

So I chose a third option, presence with my husband.

This is something I don’t like to admit, but on occasion, our kids spend a few months at a time sleeping with us. And Warren is awesome about it. He’s the one that reminds me that they are little once. Yet another reason to love him.

I see that my kids need the comfort of my presence and time. And while I don’t always love sleeping with kids, it’s a season. Before we know it, they’ll be shutting their doors and shutting us out.

So, this morning, I pushed my sleepy little man aside and cuddled up next to the hubby. We chatted a little, but mostly just dozed and tried to stay warm in the chilly early morning air conditioner.

I give you this illustration as an example of how I could have chosen busyness over grace. I wanted to get out of bed and do something, but I did something for my heart and his heart. It started our day just a little bit later, but it set the tone for a day of smiles and joy.

I think if we did a little less worrying and a little more choosing moments of grace, we’d feel a little less stressed and actually find that time our relationships so desperately need.

13 thoughts on “Choosing Grace By the Moment

  1. Oh, I had the same dilemma this morning. I loved your response and this thought: “…but I did something for my heart and his heart.”
    Thanks for this great post!

    • Karen, Doesn’t grace start with us? Our relationship with ourselves? Giving grace to others always makes me forget my imperfections and my need to control everything. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I needed this! I often choose busyness over grace and your description of the outcome of the better choice is so attractive-smiles and joy! I will remember what you shared here when busyness seeks to overtake grace in my days.

    • Pat, I was talking with a friend who dropped by for a surprise visit this week about our 5-year-olds. She and I were talking about how our girls are strong-willed and hard to motivate at times. We were dreaming up summer routines to keep them grounded and part of that grounding is giving them the best of us instead of the worst of us. I think that starts with smiles and joy. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. being in the moment, intentional especially with your spouse always wins, always trumps business and success. so glad you invested your morning in him.

  4. Love your perspective. That tyranny of the urgent beckons to us from the moment our eyes open, doesn’t it? I appreciate your reminder to be “all in” each moment. I’m glad it was such a lovely morning for you!

  5. Thank you! For him, and for you, and ultimately for your kids. I have been trying to make myself take off regular times to focus on my relationship with my husband. I teach online, there is ALWAYS an email, a discussion post, a question, or something to work on in my classes or on other projects. Today, when my husband invited me, in an endearing way, to spend some time with him instead of rushing off to an open house…it felt good to just put a pause in the schedule and say YES.

  6. I too choose busyness over grace way more than I should, even though I KNOW it doesn’t bring life!! Thanks for the sweet reminder story of why it’s worth it to take the extra time. (From a girl in the grace writers group :))

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