Why the Father’s Voice Brings Strength

My hubby and I got a bit of a blessing this week from a dear friend. She took our five-year-old home with her to play with her kids for a few days. So, that left us with this little guy.

photo-2 He’s a busy toddler and in that cute, but defiant stage.

He bites, pulls hair and has an all-out giggle fest when I tell him “no.”

But he listens to his dad when he says it.

A cousin and I actually had this conversation earlier in the week. There’s something about that deep male voice that gives kids a real sense of “I mean business when I say no.”

We mommies don’t get the same result on most occasions.

Last night was a good example.

We went to a quick hibachi restaurant for dinner, and Logan was in the booth next to me. He thinks he’s too big for a high chair. He loves to reorganize the condiments and table necessities.

This table had a napkin dispenser and Logan was instantly in love. He started pulling napkins out and setting them on the table.

He looked over at his dad and grinned. Warren (my husband) said, “No, Logan. That’s enough.”

He continued to grin and thought about continuing to dismantle the napkins, but he stopped.

Warren looked at me and said, “He listens to me.”

And my response was “because you’re his dad.”

He listens to that deep voice. Daddy is an unknown to this little boy. He’s fun, but slightly scary at the same time. He’s strong and gentle at the same time. He’s capable of so much love and authority at the same time. He’s a force you don’t know if you want to reckon with.

My little boy’s image of his dad is the picture I get of God. He’s the strong figure in my life. He also takes joy in guiding my actions. He’s not in this to show me how scary he is. He’s in this to show me the way, the truth and the life he wants me to live.

He loves me more than anyone, but he’s willing to give me a “no” when I need one and a hug when I need one of those.

I love knowing that the joy of the Lord is in His strength. He’s the voice of strength that guides my actions and my life. There’s joy in knowing that.


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