Taking Time to Rest in the Wilderness

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The state of Mississippi is a new state after this weekend. We’re walking in harmony as a united football fan base after the unthinkable happened. The underdogs won.

We’re all celebrating the wins no one felt was possible.

And I’m celebrating something right alongside them. A weekend of memories. A retreat from the wild woolliness of our everyday life.

There’s something about sitting around on a Saturday in the place you went to school watching your child play with kids she’s never met. Playing dolls and doing cartwheels and chatting up the security guards.

There’s something about watching your son toddle after a football his daddy tossed across the grass. The glee in his eyes.

There’s something about sitting around all day in God’s creation snuggling with your little one. No other agenda other than just caring for her and snacking on Grove food.

There’s something about waking up to my best friend and his whisper of “it’s game day.” His exuberance to “get there” and soak it all in.

There’s something about seeing my kids play in an old house with crayons and baby dolls and an ancient backgammon set. Watching the same three VHS tapes and giggling as the “bugs” dance on the screen.

There’s something about experiencing the living history of great grandparents. The stories and the knowledge you can’t capture in a book.

This retreat of memories is worth the time it takes to gather up almost all of our belongings for a two-hour trek nearly every weekend from mid-September to mid-November. It’s worth the hassle of strollers and extra clothes and sleeping on beds popular in 1960.

Taking time to rest in the wilderness makes life less frantic and gives you time to just be. To really get to know what God means by a peace like a river in Isaiah 66:12. It’s wild and free and makes my heart overflow. I like this part of the wilderness.

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