You Can’t Survive Chaos in the Wilderness

I got a real message from one of the better known Bible stories this week – the creation story. The lady teaching this story to first and second graders said, “Our God is a God of order.”

That spoke really loudly to me yesterday as I sat in my PJs at 2 p.m.

I wanted a lazy morning since we’d had a really long Monday.

Lazy turned into frustration rather quickly. I realized that I need some order in my life to serve my family cheerfully. I slip into critical mode and get frustrated at every little thing when my mind, spirit and home don’t hsve a minimum level of order.

So I started my day over at 2 p.m. Got dressed. Got the school books together and we headed outside away from the mess.

We knocked out school. We had some playtime. We made dinner and a few squeeze packs and snacks for today’s lunch. I made waffle batter for today’s breakfast.

We ate dinner as a family. We watched a little TV. We read a book.

I did a little laundry. Made our bed with fresh sheets. Got the kids to bed at an early time for them. Then I spent some time in God’s word.

I wouldn’t have accomplished so much if I hadn’t put the priorities in clear view for those eight or so hours.

Order helps us bless our families and friends. It helps us survive this wilderness called life. Order doesn’t require perfection. It just keeps us focused on what’s important.


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