31 Days of Wilderness Living – Remembering God’s Promises

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imageThis sweet boy has had a tough run lately. He got a new sister when he was just starting to make sense of this great big world.

Mommy has been about as patient as she knows how to be through his bites, tears and frustrations.

He can’t express himself very well, and I can’t always be as available to him as he needs to be. It’s tough on both of us. Some days are discouraging. Some days I want to cry right alongside him.

But today I chose a new approach. I remembered God’s promise that is my little boy. I remembered how the news of expecting him brought my heart out of a dark place. I remembered how I just knew he was special.

Before I got pregnant with him, I had made myself a protectionary promise that I would not get excited or get my hopes up about a positive pregnancy test until I saw the physical proof things would be ok.

I chose to not let myself take hold of God’s greatest promise – hope. But he didn’t let me keep that promise I made to myself. He warmed my heart with hope and anticipation of a new life. An opportunity to heal and grow and see a bigger glimpse of his eternal kingdom.

This week in Bible study we discussed how discouraged Moses was when nothing seemed to go right with getting Pharaoh to release the Israelites. Moses was cursed by his people. He was reluctant to move forward because of frustration and a lack of belief in God’s promises.

So God reminded him of his great promises and said, “I will show you visible proof of my promises.”

One of favorite takeaways from this study is the promises we get to see in Moses’ struggle. We get the gift of seeing this struggle play out. We get the gift of knowing God’s deliverance is real. We get to see the hope that he provides in black and white.

But we’re often just like Moses – discouraged and afraid.

I went back to that promise of a healed heart today instead of letting the circumstances of a frustrated toddler overwhelm me.

And a door that I thought was closed opened today. The communication gates are opening a sliver. He used his baby signs and words for the first time in a week. I also received some practical encouragement from a good friend on how to help my little promise.

God’s ways are not our ways. His time is not our time. But HE doesn’t let us down. He keeps His promises. He gives us hope and a future and a purpose and always shows up when we reach the ends of ourselves.

I was there in my frustration yesterday and I had a choice with discouragement – faith in those promises or more frustration. I choose faith. It’s not easy, but the perspective is brighter. The battles don’t seem so tough. The love shines through.

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