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his momI’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled content to bring attention to a special lady today – the woman behind the man I married. His mom. It’s her birthday and I think the world needs to know a little more about Grann and how much we appreciate her.

I want to be like her when I grow up to be retired. 

Warren and I think she might be the coolest grandmother ever because she’s all about celebrating her life. She plays tennis, runs marathons and jet sets all over the Southeast and out to Colorado.

She’s embracing her retired life and makes room for fun. I can’t think of a better way to spend the golden years than working on good health, good relationships and good memories.

She’s so strong and resilient.

Grann hasn’t had the easiest time in her life. She lost her parents at a young age and a husband way too young. She’s also lost two brothers in the past few years. I admire her strength in loss and the aftermath.

She really, really loves her kids enough to let them make their own decisions. 

My mom was always reluctant to let us fall. It’s probably why I still want to ride a bike with my feet on the ground when I’m headed downhill. And I am very similar. I don’t want to see my kids fall or fail.

But I’ve seen her hands off approach with her son, and it gives me the strength to stomach those tough moments I know are ahead of Warren and I.

She is an amazing cook.

For someone who doesn’t love to cook, this lady can throw one heck of a party. She makes the best cheese cake and twice baked potatoes I’ve ever had.

I’m so honored to get to sit down at holidays to a creative menu and walk away needing a bigger pair of stretchy pants.

She gives grand mothering her all. 

One thing I admire most about Grann is her ability to connect with little people at their level. She’s really sweet about taking one of her five grands and giving them a day of her full attention. That’s a rare trait in anyone and one I want more of in myself.

She’s there when you need her. 

After our last baby was born, she spent a week with me just helping with the kids and the laundry. I hate to do laundry and seem to be really behind on it all the time. She has come over a couple of times just to fold my clothes. That’s such a blessing.

When I’ve gone through some hard stuff, she’s been there with a text or a phone call or a set of arms to hold the baby so I can take a nap.

She handed me a great first draft. 

One of my favorite stories about Ann is a conversation I had with her the day Warren and I got married. She said she was handing over Warren, the Project. He is a project to this day. He’s rough around the edges, but he has her temperament and common sense about the world. He actually knows how to do dishes and laundry and diapers. And he says what he means and does what he says.

They say a man learns how to be husband from his mom. I know that’s true. The woman behind this man gave me a great first draft to work with and I’m forever grateful to her for her love and support.

Happy Birthday, Ann!

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