When the Wilderness Knocks You Down

I had to take the past two days off from my 31 Days challenge because I literally got knocked down by my wilderness. I’ll spare my readers the details of this illness, but a staph infection is no joke. They hurt and if you even suspect you have one, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Wilderness down

So, I had plans to do all this organizing and review with my daughter this week.

Instead, I spent the week lying on my side taking care of the baby and not much else.

After a minor surgical procedure yesterday, I sent the man cub and his sister to the grandparents. It’s amazing how a simple bump can knock you down.

But the moral of my story is that it’s ok to ask for help in the wilderness of kids and daily life.

My sweet momma came and took me to the doctor and took my two big babies for a night. And all I had to do was sleep and snuggle with the little one. Momma came back and brought me supper and folded my laundry.

My hubby took a couple hours off work to be there for the procedure (he’s been through this before) and got me home and comfortable.

I’m still not 100 percent, but I’m a lot better than I was yesterday when I couldn’t drive or walk across the room without wanting to cry.

And I get the weekend to recover with just my girls. The man cub is getting a weekend of love from his other grand.

I didn’t want to call on anyone to help me with what I thought was a minor inconvenience. But when you can’t walk without spilling tears, something has to give.

That pride of “I can do it all myself” gets a backseat to the need to rest and recover. Sometimes Momma gets knocked down and needs others to surround her with help. That’s a tough one for this momma bear to admit.

I like being the one others depend on. I like knowing that I have it all together. I like that I bounce back from pregnancy really quickly.

I don’t like having to pick up the phone and ask, “Can you take a day away from your regularly scheduled programming to manage me and my mess?”

But it’s necessary and it humbles that pride. It makes me so happy to know that help is just a call away. That I have a great support system. That my support system doesn’t mind walking through our weeds. That they rather enjoy it from time to time.

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