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imageWhen I was a kid, we played Follow the Leader just as much as we played house. I was usually the leader because I was the oldest.

I had to break in the parents. Man, that was a tough job.

I was always jealous of my brother when we went to my grandmother’s house because she put him up on a pedestal. He took my throne a away in her presence.

She spent her time with me telling me how to be more of a help to my poor mother with her too many children.

That may sound disrespectful, but it was her way of presenting Proverbs 22:6. She wanted to make sure I set the example.

I’ve been leading my whole life. Always the example. Always the one in the group asked to present our work.

I guess it’s a natural inclination.

But lately I think God’s asking me to follow the leader instead of be the leader.

Talk about walking in the wilderness. I don’t like it. I like looking at the map. I like knowing the outcome of the journey.

But it’s my turn to be led. It’s my turn to not always be in charge.

It’s actually freeing to let go of all that “I need to do this and this.”

The grocery store trip I took with the kids a couple days ago is a good example. People either had two reactions to my car buggy full of kids – run or how sweet.

People are opening doors and asking me if I need help. No, not really, but it sure is nice.

I might look like I’m falling apart at McAlister’s when the man cub climbs out of the high chair while the baby screams in my lap.

I’m actually quite capable of managing my children on my own, but the extra hands make a small difference.

This stage reminds me of when I got lost in a parade at age 5. My parents were late picking me up so I started walking home while the teacher chatted.

I didn’t make it very far before a police car pulled up beside me. I thought I was going to jail. But he was there to help a little girl who became a little too self-reliant too soon.

That little girl is grateful for the helpers. The conversation with an adopted grandmother figure this morning. The texts with a good friend who has walked in man cub shoes before.

Mr. Rogers was my favorite childhood show and he famously shared this advice from his mother:

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

I’m enjoying those helpers the real leader sends my way.

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