Scattered, Smothered and Covered

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I love hash browns scattered, smothered and covered. I also love that getting my kids to sleep means that I’m smothered and covered in soft baby skin and butterfly kisses from the man cub.

Being a mom means that I’m often covered in drool, ravioli sauce, spit up and toddler sticky.

Being a mom and wife means that I’m smothered at times by needs and the presence of little people.

Being a mom and wife means that my heart is scattered all over the place like broken glass shards. It’s impossible to put those fragments back together.

Being a mom and wife means that clothes and thoughts scatter like leaves on a windy day.

Being a mom means I have to be vigilant of smothering my children with worry and “be carefuls.”

Being a mom means that I have to cover my kids with an extra blanket and prayers for good dreams, good health and kind hearts seeking the one who covers all of us in His grace.

Being a wife means my husband needs my grace over his scattered piles and left out shoes.

Being a wife means my marriage needs to be covered in prayer, even if it is during scattered moments of quiet.

Being a wife and mom doesn’t mean that my calling is insignificant. It means that my prayers, my service and my grace and love are scattered and covered over lives and future generations that will mean something in His kingdom.

Having faith in Jesus means that my daily mistakes are smothered by God’s grace.

Having faith in Him means that I’m covered with love and power.

Having faith means that when I trace the scattered path of God’s grace in my life, I can share something remarkable with my children, my family, my friends and everyone I encounter.

I’ll take my scattered, smothered and covered life as it is with a side of hash browns.

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