Things Everyone Needs to Know About My Sister

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KristenMy sister, Kristen, turns 31 today. And as a bit of a birthday gift, I think the world needs to hear about how special she is. Here’s what the world doesn’t know about my Krissy.

She is probably the smartest person I know. I can’t tell you how jealous I was of her beautiful mind as a child. She’s seriously briilliant.

She has a heart bigger than Texas. She’s always thinking about others and how she can help.

She has great taste in dishes, paint, ringtones and jewelry. We could both walk into a store for any of these items and pick out the same ones. It’s a little creepy.

She loves animals. I can remember her getting into our green swimming pool to retrieve a bat that was about to drown. She put it on a makeshift stretcher and used a window unit air conditioner as a triage operation.

Another time I had to miss school because her hamster was smushed behind the dresser. Our parents were on the paper route and she insisted that she couldn’t go to school without giving Bugga a proper burial. I missed an algebra test because of that. I still have this recurrent dream that I couldn’t graduate high school because of that test.

She has old lady taste in clothes, but she rocks it. You know how some people get prettier as they age. She’s one of those people. She loves big, bold florals and comfy shoes, but it works for her. If she didn’t wear contacts, I could see her wearing cat eye glasses as her signature acessory.

She makes fantastic salads and dips. We’ve had Thanksgiving at my house several times in the past few years and she brings excellent spinach dip and pasta salad.

She brings pages to life – words, paintings, drawings. It’s like she can’t pick up a pen without creating a work of art.

She’s been my best friend my whole life. We couldn’t share a room because we fought so much as girls. But there were times in my life when she was the only person who understood my pain. There were times she was my only friend in the world.

She’s an excellent scout. I am terrified of mice and the boogie man. But she was always willing to search out the scary things. Some of my fondest memories of our childhood were our nights up stuffing things under the door when there was a mouse in the house. We would make shadow puppets and tell each other stories until we weren’t scared anymore.

She kept me honest as a girl. Kristen isn’t one to spill your secrets. But her morale compass is always on and she told on me when she knew I was hurting myself or someone else.

Her determination is to make a difference is awe-inspiring. She is on track to be a principal in the next year. That’s not an easy thing to do. You can see her heart is in changing lives and setting kids on the right track for their lives.

Finally, her faith is inspiring. She loves God and really knows the meaning of letting your light shine before others. She has been through some really tough stuff, but she picks her head up and counts on His strength to fight the good fight each day.

If you don’t know her, you should.

Happy Birthday, Krissy. I hope it’s a great day.

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