What Happens When Christ Has a Place in Your Home

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I was just trying to read an article on Facebook, but it wouldn’t load, so I read the comments. I came across one that floored me. It shouldn’t. But it did.

The commenter said, “Christ has no place in our home.”

I felt insulted. I felt like she had just shunned one of my dearest friends. Someone she didn’t know. Someone who didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

And then it hit me.

That’s exactly what happens when Christ has a place in your home. He becomes a friend. A part of the family. A person you want to defend. A person that you would die for.

I know that’s a hard thing to think of, but it’s what He asks of us. He asks us to die to ourselves. To follow him through whatever circumstance. To take up a cross and the persecution of this world.

Are we willing? Are we able?

We can be when he is welcome in our home. We can be when we let Him transform our hearts.

This makes me think of a conversation I had with Him just this morning. I went round and round in my head about telling someone no. I have too much on my plate and I needed to remove something.

I looked around my home and saw needs from my kids and needs from my husband that this thing would interfere with.

I went back eight months to the day I pulled the plug on my work to do His work. The work of being a mommy and a wife. I’d asked for this job, just as Moses did in Exodus 33:13.

I wanted Him to teach me His ways and to give me the resources to do the work He’s called me to do.

He gave me the resources to trust in Him that our finances will be fine in my husband’s hands.

He gave me the determination to plow through the wilderness years of toddlers.

He gave me a desire to work on projects I’ve dreamed about for years. Projects that will hopefully bring others closer to this friend of mine.

He gave me instruction to educate my children at home. I love teaching my kids. It’s not for everyone, but it’s fulfilling and challenging and something I love.

He wants my kids’ hearts to be full of His love. In order for that to happen, it’s up to me and their dad to introduce them to our friend, Jesus. It’s up to us to set the example of what a real friend is.

And yes, this is a tall order of responsibilities. The shoes are bigger than I want to fill, but you know what?

I don’t have to do it alone. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

When He has a place in our home, the job isn’t so hard. I have a friend who models what I need to model for my children and others in my life.

We can check in with him every minute, every second if necessary. There’s power just in His name.

He even enters our homes when we don’t ask Him. He loves us that much. He gives us grace.

When Christ has a place in our homes, it doesn’t mean that things will be perfect. It means that we have a friend who understands. A friend who can bring us out of the depths of despair. A friend who cares so much He gave His life for us, even though we didn’t deserve it.

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