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focus on usFor the past few months life has been a bit hectic with three small ones in the house. Two under two is my life’s hardest work to date, but it’s also the most fulfilling.

When you have two under two, the logistics of outings get to be more than you may want to handle.

We’ve done a little more staying home. A little more time in our little cabin in the big woods. And a little more time focusing on us.

Since around Thanksgiving, it’s been us. Him, me and our brood of blondies.

And it’s been one of the happiest times of my life. I’ll look back on these months as a time of transition, growth and roots planted for our family.

I firmly believe that sometimes it’s necessary to take a break and really dig deep into that family soil. You lean on each other. You lean in. You see God working in the mundane details of a daily routine.

You become more aware of the little blessings and pleasures of being a family.

We’ve perfected the art of cooking bacon. We now make our own butter and yogurt.

He’s built furniture. I’ve taken up sewing again.

We found a simple pleasure in sitting around a fire in our backyard fire pit.

We’ve walked through the woods and looked for deer scrapings.

Our kids crawl up in our laps to read books. They race around the living room and kitchen playing “boo” while we make dinner.

We’ve had little conversations that mean nothing to the rest of the world but the world to us.

We’ve had big conversations that could steer our lives for the next decade or more.

Time has to slow down sometimes to map out the next steps.

This is not my nature, but I’m learning that He works in a time that doesn’t suit my anxious heart. And it’s okay. It helps me turn more to Him.

We have to slow down to notice that God is giving us a purpose, a plan, a blessing. If we don’t we’ll miss his glory. I don’t want to do that. I want to see it in each day and in the little moments.

I want to cling to the promise he gives us in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

So for now, we’re leaning in and focusing on us. I’m excited to see what comes out on the other side of this time of reflection and release of all the non-necessities.

I’m rather enjoying focusing on us for now.

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