15 Gifts I’m Giving My Family in 2015

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love perseveresIt’s a new year! I’m so excited because I love to start new projects, new books and new ideas. However, I don’t like to finish stuff.

So if I have a word for this year, it’s persevere.

I want to lock into getting a few things started and a few things finished the right way. That’s why I’m selecting three gifts to give each person in my little family. Since there are five of us now, that means I have 15 gifts to make happen in 2015.

Giving my family three gifts each is a measurable and attainable goal – even if things get a little off track. And since these are gifts, I’m following a gift model that’s time tested – a need, a want and a spiritual gift.

Three Gifts for My Better Half

My best friend and better half, Curly, deserves so many things for helping me live this life we’ve made for ourselves. He’s so much fun. So caring. Such a great dad. Here are his gifts for 2015:

Need: More of my time focused on him. With two under two and a homeschooling 6-year-old, it’s tough to make time for us as a couple. Our conversations often revolve around schedules, food and money.

How mundane is that? But it’s what real life is like when you have a bunch of kids and a growing business. So this year, he’s going to get a little less of the schedules and money talks and a few more minutes each day of just us – no talk of the kids, money or what’s for dinner.

Want: Better communication and more gratitude. If I were to ask my husband what I could do better in our relationship, it’s probably communication and a little more gratitude. It’s easy to take him for granted. It’s easy to miss the slew of tiny things he does to make our lives better. I’m going to slow down and look for them a little harder.

Spiritual: A prayer rock on his Bible. My daughter and I played a game right before Christmas that involves placing a rock in a place the person we were praying for could find it. It was such a sweet idea that I bought the hubby and each of the kids a note-taking Bible so I can share my prayers and praises for them with them. The rock is his reminder to go take a look once in a while.

Three Gifts for My Big Girl

My big girl is 6 and so smart. So beautiful. She inspires me with her quick wit. I love our ongoing game of “I don’t know why…She swallowed a fly.” I love our pointing out of rhymes and alliteration. She wants a blog. She just makes my heart smile.

Need: More one-on-one time with Mommy. When an only child gets hit with two babies in two years, it’s tough. But this girl has persevered and she’s a great big sister. But I see her longing for a few minutes in my lap. A few minutes just focused on what she wants to do – playing Barbies or building a fence around her Lego garden.

Want: Help her get her upper body stronger. This girl wants to do a cartwheel so badly. She spends hours every day working on it. I’m committing to taking time to do a little strength training in the form of carrying firewood over our heads in the backyard or challenging her to a plank-off.

Spiritual: Teach her how to pray. We’ve been working on this for a little while, but it’s something she doesn’t understand fully. This year, we’ll work together to develop the seeds of prayer and I’ll share the outcomes of prayers I’ve prayed with her at our baby naptime chat time.

Three Gifts for My Man Cub

Need: Teach him how to feed himself. This sweet boy has me wrapped around his little finger. And with a baby, I try to eliminate messes as much as possible. It’s probably why he hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of feeding himself yet. I’m committing to letting him get messy and taking the time to work with him on using a fork and spoon and possibly a cup without a lid.

Want: More book time on the floor. This sweet boy brings me “Goodnight, Gorilla” all the time. The ritual is so sweet. I sit down crisscross applesauce and he nestles into my leg nest. We read the book and he toddles back across the hall for “There Was an Old Lady.” We’re going to expand that book selection a bit.

Spiritual: Teach him Jesus Loves Me. This is one of the best ways to get started with understanding how faith works. Planting truths in his little heart is the beginning of the most beautiful relationship a little man cub can have.

Three Gifts for My Little One

Oh what a joy she is! This sweet baby lights up my life. She is the best surprise I’ve ever received. She is so happy and so easygoing. I’m so excited to document all her firsts and to see her relationship with her siblings blossom this year.

Need: Lots of hugs and kisses and a little side of prayer. There’s no better gift to give a baby than to hold her and to pray for her in that moment right before she nods off.

Want: She’s little, but she wants my full attention. I’m going to turn off the phone and play with her a little bit more. She told me tonight just how important time just being with her is when I laid my head next to her on the Boppy. She held my hand immediately calmed down.

Spiritual: Starting her prayer Bible early. I got the idea to give each of my kids a Bible filled with prayers and promises from a book I read last year. I’m excited to start hers from such a young age.

Three Gifts for Me

Need: More of my time focused on me. I’ve gotten selfish about my shower time lately. I shut everyone out and just think. That’s such a hard thing to do when you live in the wilderness years of toddlers and babies. This year, more me time will happen. It’s good for me, but better for them when I’m at my best.

Want: To run a 5K by the end of the year. Before I had my two under two, I was a runner. I was actually running for the fun of it. I was just about to top three miles when I found out I was going to have the man cub. I ran three races in 2012. I’m ready to get back to it.

Spiritual: A dedicated prayer and study time. When you have a new baby, this often gets put on the back burner. The first six months are a survival mode, but I’m seeing the light again. Prayer and study are such a privilege. I want to give myself the gift of starting the day out dressed inside and out.

I don’t want to forget this year, this day, this moment is a gift. What gifts are you give you and yours this year?

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