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noticer quoteIt’s Valentine’s Day and my family is snoring – all of them. We spent the day out in a pasture.

The kids rode a little four wheeler. I held the little one most of the day. I also shot a couple of skeet with a shotgun (SO.MUCH.FUN. and not while holding a baby).

My hubby got the Valentine’s Day of his dreams – outside, smoking meat, watching kids entertain themselves with nothing more than mud, blades of grass and four-wheeled contraptions.

I love days like today; when you come home and your eyelids feel a little singed from a too bright sun. A sliver of spring before the weather turns dreary again.

These days are good for the soul. Taking a break from the grind of laundry, dishes, cooking and hauling kids here and there. I got to just sit and watch. He showed off his impressive skeet shooting skills.

The big girl just played. She rode that battery-powered four wheeler until she was having to push her brother through the dips.

The man cub sat on a pink tricycle and told everyone who walked by “uh-uh” and “me-me.” He was staking claim.

I just let it soak in. The sun. The love of a brother and sister blossoming. The down of a bald, fat baby head. The way the sun brought out the 50 shades of blond in my Curly’s hair.

These are the days on which memories are built. Days when we can look back and say, “Remember when you almost ran a four-wheeler into that house?” or “Remember how Man Cub loved hiding his cup in that pink tricycle compartment?”

Remember when…I want these days to be the ones I tell my grandkids about. Days that weren’t focused on a screen. Days that weren’t focused on an agenda.

I want to reminisce about days that are full of nothing, but mean everything in a lifetime of little moments. Moments inspired by dirt, sunlight and laughter.

Prior to this dirt and gun-powdered day, I had a conversation about our next big adventure – moving back to the town where we fell in love.

The friend asked me, “What’s behind this big decision?” I told him, “We only get one shot at this life, and it’s important to walk out on a little shaky ground. If we don’t follow the choices that make us a little uncomfortable, we may not become who we were meant to be.”

Seventeen years ago, I made one of these big choices. I walked onto the beautiful campus of The University of Mississippi. I’d never known anyone who went there except a girl from my high school who was four years ahead of me.

I was invited to a Scholar’s Day event. My aunt and I got a little lost and ended up in the Grove. It was a dreary February day, but it was beautiful. I felt inspired. I felt like my life was beginning.

I felt the anticipation of picking up an adventure novel and getting lost in it.

Time slowed down for a few seconds that day. I could taste the beauty of a life beginning. An adventure story all my own.

knew I was put in that place at that moment to fuel a path that would lead me through tough and dark times, but also light and lovely times.

I discovered that I was a writer on that beautiful campus. I discovered a boy who didn’t meet my expectations. I discovered a life I didn’t think I deserved.

Today was one of those days. Those days that taste as sweet as the tiny drop of nectar in a honeysuckle.

So Happy Valentine’s Day and thank God for new adventures! Onward and upward we go into our new wilderness.

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