She’s Doing Something Right

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m sitting here thinking about why moms are so special.

My mom raised 10 kids and I know she’s fought many battles on her knees for me and her other 9 kids. I know she actually prayed one of my kids into existence and was there the day that unexpected addition became a plus sign.

My little shock is now 9 months old and just perfect.

My little shock is now 9 months old and just perfect.

She was there the day I got the news I wasn’t going to have a baby after all.

She was there fighting the good fight for me to get pain relief because an anesthesiologist was a little busy.

She was there.

Even if she wasn’t physically present, she was there in a memory or on the other end of the phone.

I’m so blessed to have my mama here in my life right now. She and I don’t live in the same town anymore, but she’s just a ring away if I need anything.

I know she won’t be here one day. But she already left a deep etch on my heart. She already guided me down so many rough roads. She’s always been my biggest fan, even when I didn’t feel like I had any. And even when I wasn’t her fan.

She Loves You Even When You (Think) Don’t Love Her

I really didn’t like her when I was a senior in high school. She broke the news to me that she was pregnant – again. Shocking.

I don’t know why it was a shock at this point. But I hated her in that moment. But she loved me through the tears I shed.

And 16 years later, she knew that bad news would be one of the greatest blessings on my life. I got to share puns with my witty little life ruiner last night. It was better than any Saturday night I can remember.

The little life ruiner in black with the bouquet is one of my favorite people in the world. She loves puns as much as I do.

The little life ruiner in black with the bouquet is one of my favorite people in the world. She loves puns as much as I do.

Nobody Loves You Like Your Mama

There are so many sayings about moms. But my friend Danny said it best this morning, “Only Jesus can love you like your mother does.”


I love looking through Timehop (an app for remembering your life on social media). It makes me laugh to go back and see what my daughter said two or three years ago. It also shakes the dead leaves off a memory shared in the past.

Today was one of those dead leaves shaken off moments. On a day when I felt like nothing I did as a mom was going right, the Lord sent a messenger to lift me up. The details are vague, but the memory of those words still rings true.

She said, “You know why your little one is so happy? You’re doing everything right.”

Ok, so maybe I’m not really doing everything right as a mom. But I’m aiming for it. And the times I do mess up are good lessons for our kids. And ourselves.

That’s the advice I’d give to the mom who thinks she’s doing everything wrong. Do what you think is right.

Do What’s Right – Even When It’s Hard

That’s what my mama always told me.

Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s what everyone else says is wrong. Even when it’s demeaning. Even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

You aren’t going to mess up your kids by doing what’s right the second time. Or the third time.

FullSizeRenderYou aren’t going to mess up your kids with love and grace.

You can resolve all day long to never yell again. And if you don’t, that’s worth all the medals you can get.

But if you do mess up, fix it. Do something right. Even if it’s hard or against the grain.

I think that’s what Jesus would tell you. Do what’s right. And grace will cover you.

I got some grace the day that lady told me I was doing everything right.

My child was happy. She’s happy today too. And so are her brother and sister.

They smile more than they cry. They hold hands and hug and pinch and yell at each other. And they sit together in guitar cases.

I’m doing something right and so are you.

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