A Note On the Red Cups From a Former Christmas Petitioner

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I used to put my name on petitions to get companies to recognize Christmas as a Christian holiday. I’d put my money where my mouth is.

But then I got serious about this Christian thing. I realized that blogger Matt Walsh is correct when he says serious Christians aren’t worried about the stupid Starbucks cups.

The bigger problem is that we’ve lost faith as a tenant of this country.

I was once one of the people who only went to church when it was seasonally appropriate.

Then, I really met Christ.

I was lost and angry about anything and everything.

I didn’t know how to really love a person with no expected reward.

I didn’t know how to explain pain and loss and the sovereignty of God until I turned to the only one who can turn a nation toward all that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).

I started going to church because I NEEDED to. I started studying my Bible because I NEEDED to.

So, it’s not really about the cups. It’s about finding the end of yourself and the real truth.

When you get there, you don’t seek to start a viral campaign about red cups from a secular company.

You seek to make someone else’s day just a little better with the love of Christ.

You look for little ways to change a situation.

When you can’t do something tangible, you write a note of encouragement and say a quick prayer over your coffee and Facebook feed.

That’s how you start a revolution.

You fill your cup with His love and let it spill over.

You don’t expect hits and likes and and an interview on CNN.

You expect a miracle will happen in your own life and in all things.

Praying for you, my friends. And don’t forget, Jesus loves you.

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