The Man of My Dreams

Faith Marriage

manofmydreamsToday was day of big questions, big decisions and big feelings. But mostly, it was another day at the side of the man of my dreams.

I just wanted to share a little glimpse of what a real man does for his wife and children. He loves us wholly and without fail. He loves us without complaint and without restraint.

He is under an enormous amount of stress.

Running a business is like having a second family. Employees. Customers. Days where you feel like all you do is put out fires and clean up messes. The weight of this is a lot to bear. Supporting us. Bringing in enough work to keep his employees busy.

He wakes up restless because he has this weight on his mind. I can feel it across the bed. I can sense his stress, but I can’t erase it.

All I can do is whisper prayers that he will overcome today’s set of obstacles.

He received some hard news today that’s going to require lots of hassle and lots of waiting. I’m not so great at the waiting. It’s a stretch of my patience and faith.

But the man of my dreams sets a good example. He handles things as they come. He works on what he can change and doesn’t dwell on what he can’t. He’s a living example of the serenity prayer.

But he’s never complained about any of it. He never complains about the work and the fact that his phone wants to go on strike because it rings so much.

This man of my dreams is not what I imagined. He’s not even what I pictured in the years I planned my life and all its perfect moments.

But he meets all the qualities of a man who I can love with my whole heart. He loves me with all he has and gives without question or complaint. He’s been at my side through so many storms and so many joys.

He’s the man I prayed for 15 years ago. He’s the man God gave me the honor of loving and praying for and serving.

We can all look at our big plate of problems and get overwhelmed or we can take a moment to look at what we have right in front of us. The blessings. The love we dreamed about living and breathing beside us.

It’s my hope and prayer that my girls will grow up knowing the strength of the man of my dreams. I hope each of them finds someone who gives like he gives and loves like he loves. And I know my son has a good example to follow when he becomes a man.

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