The Delight of a Slow Walker

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My sweet Little One is a character. She is 19 months old and finally walking! All it took was a trip down the aisle to join our church recently. She was ready. We went and got her from the nursery. She saw the stage and off she went.

She’s bold and bright and loud and strong and sweet. And she’s taught me to slow down and watch the world through a child’s eyes.

anna cat hikingMy first-born tendency to hurry up and grow up gets frustrated with her lack of desire to progress at an advanced pace. But she’s teaching me something in her delight to be on a slower timetable than Mama wants.

She’s teaching me to look for the image of God each of my children reflects.

We aren’t all meant to be super ambitious, detail-oriented or driven and focused. I have one of three children who is all of the above, but he’s also whiny and wants to be held all the time.

My flighty first-born is off in the clouds and caught up in being an extravert. It drives me nuts. She bounces and leaps and does handstands and cartwheels and leaves a trail of clutter everywhere she dwells. I am an introvert and she sucks the life out of me some days. But she’s my right hand and so bright and shiny and messy and beautiful.

My son is obsessed with cleaning up “messy messes.” God bless this boy. I’m so excited to have a neat freak in my house. You have no idea. I am a messy girl who has reformed her ways and I’m so excited there’s someone who loves order more than me. Y’all, he even put his shoes away as soon as he walks in the door.

And then there’s my Little One. She’s just delightful. She’s not in a hurry to walk. But she talks and notices and keeps me smiling. This baby was the blessing I didn’t know I needed and as she slowly goes through the toddler stages, I’m just savoring my moments with her.

She loves to sit on the bed and “read” a board book. She points and chatters about what she sees. She makes animal noises. And then she closes the book with a little squeal and “de end.”

anna cat books

Little One loves to just sit and talk to me. And she wants my full attention. She even grabs my jaw to make sure I’m listening to her. It’s adorable to be telling her brother to not pour the dog’s food into “his” oven and have her grab my face to tell me that monkeys eat bananas.

We drive by Sonic and she tells me she needs to go get “my tots.”

She wakes up in the morning and tells me what she wants to eat (eggs, oatmeal, all the food!).

She sneaks off to investigate things like Sissy’s Barbie dream house or Man Cub’s dinosaur  (raurs) collection or the pile of rocks in the flower bed off the deck.

She likes to eat acorns (chocolate chips) and draw all over my Bible study questions with a No. 2 pencil (my favorite writing instrument).

Recently, I caught her on my bed unfolding an entire basket of clothes so she could get to a big sheet and carry it around. She loves the feel of sheets and pillows. Really anything made of 100 percent cotton. She steals her daddy’s button down shirts because their “my dess.” She started carrying these old 1960s dresses around when she was 11 months old.

Her not walking for so long has made me slow down and focus on who she is and not what she does. I’ve had to carry her in an Ergo for much longer than I anticipated, but her hair hasn’t grown in too fast and I’ve had extra months to snuggle that soft baby head.

I guess the moral of my story is that we have little people right in front of us and they teach us so much if we just sit back and watch. It bothered me when my baby didn’t walk at a year. But now, I’m thankful for the blessing that flows from a delightfully slow walker. She’s a perfect reminder that I’m not on my time, but His.

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