What We Do All Day: Caterpillars, Picture Day and Morning Time

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It’s time for another installment in what we do all day in our homeschool. I intended for this to be a weekly look at what we’re studying, doing and learning, but life got in the way in March.

Spring Break Travels

But there’s a lot of learning and life lessons in traveling for business with daddy.

We got to see the behind the scenes setup of a regional community theater competition.

We also got to tour the Bodies exhibit, which is a traveling museum tour of real bodies. There’s even a section of the exhibit of what happens in utero. I found it fascinating that our 1-year-old could tell they were babies.

Little One liked the face painting booth. She said she was pretty. I agree. 🙂

We also got to see the inner workings of a trade show for homeowners. Hubby exhibits at one each March and the kids love setting up the booth and checking out the cool swing sets from the playground company. They also like all the free “loot” they get to “go shopping” for at the vendor booths.


So that was a small portion of our spring break and learning in March.

Now that we’re into April, we’ve been spending a lot more time outside than inside. It’s hard to sit down to have school when we’re getting the best weather we get all year. All too soon it will be boiling outside. So, we’re getting outside and enjoying sunshine and dirt and nature.


Mama’s Homework

Yeah, there’s this reality. This is the homework Mama gets after three weeks away from home. But the gem in this very real struggle is that I actually developed a laundry system that works for us. I’ll share more about that in my next what we do all day post.

Very Hungry Caterpillars & Myths

One thing we’ve been studying in depth is butterflies. As part of our homeschool co-op nature study class, we’ve been looking at the days of creation through the lens of nature. We’re on Day 5 and I couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate God’s majesty than to raise caterpillars into butterflies.

I had a fun class with my students discussing how The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a fun but false look at how caterpillars grow. The kids really enjoyed “knocking holes” in the story.

We made a chart of truths and misconceptions people could have based on the book. We discussed what caterpillars really eat, where a caterpillar builds its house – a chrysalis and not a cocoon – and the length of time it takes a caterpillar to enter its chrysalis.

Morning Time Beauty

Another practice we’re really working on is our Morning Time. It’s crazy hard to get everyone to sit down together to learn because two of them are still in the “climb on the table” stage of life. But I’m committed to starting our day with truth, beauty and goodness no matter how messy it looks.

IMG_0138This week, we are learning the Five Finger prayer model. Big Girl decided that they each needed a visual aid to add to their morning time binders. So, of course, she wants to start painting body parts. We settled on a traced hand and watercolors.

I think they need watercolors all the time. Look how peaceful they are!

Picture Day 2016

My Big Girl declared Monday Picture Day in our homeschool. She did this by coming to the breakfast table very dressed up. So we staged a photoshoot in our beautiful backyard. We tried to use the good camera (you know the one that sits in the closet with dead – or in our case – missing batteries). Here are the results of our shoot (with an iPhone).


I hope you enjoy this look into our homeschool. Thanks for reading!

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