A Little Eternal Perspective on Motherhood

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If you’ve been struggling lately to keep your eyes on the blessings around you, please let me encourage you to look a little more at the eternal work you’re doing in the small things like conversations with your kids and a mom at Chikfila. 

This post is just a compilation of one day of noticing this holy work of motherhood. 

My sweet big girl likes to ruminate on conversations over a matter of days. Then, out of nowhere, she’ll pick it back up. 

Her latest rumination is on The Fall. A few days ago she didn’t like that they sinned. She was concerned about someone she knew who was in pain. Then, Wednesday, she took my breath away. 

She said, “Mama, I’ve decided that I’m glad the fall happened. I probably wouldn’t have met my dentist or our friend, Favorite.” 

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the rest of the day. 

Then, at dinner, I’m talking to my friend about how much my kids love going to church. Meanwhile, the man cub was giving everyone hugs. The little one was trying to keep up. 

My friend went on to tell me that our chance meeting was the beginning of her first friendship in our sweet little town. I was floored. 

Finally, we’re walking to the car after Awana and Little One starts melting down. She didn’t want to leave. 

This was the perfect answer to my own rumination about whether I was doing enough to teach my kids about Jesus every day. 

I went to bed last night thanking the Lord for proof that what I do every day matters. 

You matter to Him and he sees you working to pass on your faith. It’s that collection of little moments, conversations, gestures of kindness that He’s noticing and providing a flame for, Mama.

Keep fighting the good fight and know that while intentionality is hard, the payoff is worth it. 

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