31 Days of Heart Work

31daysheartwork Heart work is serious business. I’ve been on a mission to do this for a few months. And I’m seeing light in my life that I’ve never seen before.

What is heart work?

Heart work is digging up those old hurts, regrets, wrong thought patterns, unbelief – the ugly stuff that keeps your heart hidden by walls of hurt.

The problem with the walls is that they keep us from moving forward. I think we have to let go of that notion that avoiding the renovation of your heart is going to hurt more than staying in the dilapidated house of pain.

So, I’m sharing my journey and some prompts for you to join in if you so wish as part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. The challenge is to write on one topic every day for the 31 days of October.

Each post will appear as a link at the end of this post labeled with the date. I’ll also share them on my Instagram and Facebook page.


psalm127So, what’s in this series?

  • Clearing out the clutter – My husband is in construction, so we see this a lot. A house that needs a lot of repair is filled with clutter. It’s like the occupants just gave up on dealing with the stuff and let it pile up. The first stage of heart work is clearing out the clutter that’s hiding the walls of defeat, hurt and fear.
  • Tearing down the walls – Next, you have to demo the walls so you can see what’s behind them. There’s a lot of waste, but there’s also often a lot of repairs. In heart work, that’s taking down the carefully constructed notions of not being good enough, fear of failure and fear of heartbreak. The repairs are usually tied to relationships and forgiveness.
  • Taking the waste away – When you tear down walls, you have to take the demoed walls and waste somewhere. In heart work, that place is the cross.
  • Beginning the renovation plan – Healing a heart begins with a plan of action – a basic structure that will require choices along the way. Sometimes these choices will be hard. And some days you won’t feel like showing up for work. The only way to finish the renovation is to show up and get to work.
  • No turning back – Once you start the tear down and rebuilding process, there’s really only one way to go – forward. Or there’s no place to live.
  • Leaving a legacy – My reason for this journey is so my children don’t have to start their lives on a shaky foundation. Fixing my heart gives them a legacy to lean on when their hearts are shattered by the hurt of this world.

So, please join me for the next 31 days of heart work here at A Work of God. Each post will pose a question of the heart to work on, so you can join in.

Please share your thoughts as we embark on 31 days of heart work. You can comment on any post or email me at amandacbrandon at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading and I’m praying this series will be a blessing to you and yours.

Day 2 – Clearing Heart Clutter Part 1 

Day 3 – Clearing Heart Clutter Part 2

Day 4 – Demolishing the Walls of Hurt

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