4 Books for Hard Days, Hard Boys

I’m going to share a quick, quick post. Books are saving this mama’s sanity lately. My little Man Cub has been HARD to HANDLE lately. Full on fussy, fighting everything and I’m over here trying to figure out whether I should cry or just hold him forever.

But books. Oh, thank the Lord for books. That’s one way to change him in a big way, real quick. I don’t even ask him. I just grab a book and sit on the floor. He climbs in my lap and we get lost in a story.

Here are four books for the hard days:

I Will Not Eat You, By Adam Lehrampt and Illustrated by Scott Magoon51xqywrwpgl-_sx258_bo1204203200_

Oh! This book is great for boys. It’s full of caves and creepy eyes and absolute monstrous language. But it ends in laughter and friendship. I’ll leave it at that and highly recommend this delightful read.


King Jack and the Dragon, By Peter Bently and Illustrated By Helen Oxbury


This book is so much fun to read. It’s such a simple look at what little kids do when you give them a few sticks, a box and an afternoon of nice weather. Parents become giants and shadows become “things.” Get ready to want to read this one over and over. I love pulling this one out, especially watching the anticipation of Man Cub when we get to the shadowy part.
Bad Kitty, By Nick Bruel

51sakjnm3gl-_sx387_bo1204203200_We discovered this alphabet picture book on an app called Scribd. You can get ebooks and a limited number of audiobooks in a subscription format on your smartphone or tablet for just $8.99/month. Man Cub loves the Vanessa Williams audio version of this book. He goes around quoting “damaged the dishes” and “ruined the rug” all the time. I press play and put it on the breakfast table just to dissolve the squabbling that goes along with kids home all day.

16105619_10155019956428086_572420525900214732_nWe also got to meet the author this week at our local bookstore. Talk about cool. But Man Cub wouldn’t participate. No big surprise. Big Girl is taking this new title –Bad Kitty Takes the Test – everywhere. Love her!

No, David!, By David Shannon


This is hands down the favorite book in our house. My little two recite it all the time. I use lines from it as an icebreaker when things get tense. Little One quotes it when she plays with her dolls, which may be the sweetest thing ever.

My sister, who is an elementary school principal, says they use it as a fun way to encourage good behavior at school.

I hope this list is inspiring and you find something fun to read on hard days. Grab that book and change the culture of your home for a few minutes with a snuggle and a book.


P.S. The links to the books in this post are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on any purchase you make through these links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog! I love bringing you book recommendations for your bookworm raising.

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