Jesus Loves Me When I Ask for Help

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IMG_1678.JPGA week or so ago, I took my little kids to the park to kill some time. We were playing and having a good time. But then some other people came over. No biggie. We always make friends at the playground.

My kids were getting to the point of done – tired, not listening. You know, the witching hour.

We set some ground rules for the differing ages. No climbing slides with little kids at the top. And keep your shoes on.

My kids ALWAYS take their shoes off. I’m pretty laid back about it, but I didn’t want it to be a problem for the other kids.

Well, the shoes went off almost as soon as the command was spoken.

Seeing it as a way to leave, I told my monkeys if they didn’t put them back on, they were done at the playground.

Man Cub was a bit frustrated with my decision. He wanted to stay and keep his shoes off to practice “friction” on the slide. Well, I didn’t get the memo, and picked him up. We started the forced shoes on transition. It did not go well. He got a bit frustrated and bopped me in the lip with his head.

I was bleeding. I was trying really hard to stay calm and not lose my cool. I was not doing  a good job.

One of the dads at the playground asked if I was ok and if I needed some help. He helped Man Cub calm down and told him I was going to collect myself.

He was THE MOST CALM PARENT I’ve ever seen. I felt like Jesus walked into that playground and said, “This is how we deal with this.”

I’ve honestly never felt quite so blessed. I was floored. He walked us to our car. He and his friend and I talked about living in the area. He told me he was a preacher and was preaching in town that weekend.

I’m so glad I didn’t get weird and defensive about needing help. Jesus loves us when we ask for His help. He sends in a helping hand.

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