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Have You Figured Out How to Homeschool with Littles Around?

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10 real strategies for homeschooling with littles

So, I’ve actually emailed big name homeschool bloggers and asked them how they do it all. I’ve desperately listened to podcasts for ideas on what to do with the littles while I homeschool. I’ve never gotten a life-changing answer.

I’ve spent many, many hours at a sink wondering how mamas with lots of little kids can do a podcast, write a blog, do laundry, go live on Instagram, cook dinner, and homeschool.

And then I figured out that a lot of these ladies have lots of help. And I’m totally down with that. But I still didn’t have the answer to my question.

I finally figured it out though. I had too. My son was (is) a high needs, gifted kid and I had a baby when he was 16 months old. Plus, I was trying to homeschool a bigger, bouncy, spirited kid (she was 6 when I had her sister).

Before I tell you what I did to survive two toddlers and a traveling husband while homeschooling, I want to share a little truth. This life is tough. It’s so much fun. But it’s going to take everything you’ve got to homeschool and raise little people.

Yes, you can be a working homeschool mama, but it’s going to drain your reserves of energy, patience, and naturally-colored hair (but that’s ok. We consider that self-care time.)

With my two-under-two, my wild child, and my hubby’s unpredictable schedule, I’ve learned a few things. I figured out WHAT to do with littles while you homeschool.

So, I’m sharing my knowledge over at I’ve got 10 Real Strategies for Homeschooling with Littles for you. I’d love to hear what you think (and do with littles). Go check it out!

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