If You Give a Mama a Minute…

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if you give a mama a minute

She’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. And that’s not always a good thing.

I had a reality check recently. I’ve always said my oldest child is just like her father. And she is very much like him.

But she’s also becoming a lot like me. She wants the last word in just about every scenario (me as a kid). She wants her way, and she’s going to find a way to bend the rules to get it (another of my award-winning traits).

One way in which my daughter is most like me is that she gets very excited about her endeavors. Instead of cleaning her room, she reorganizes her closet. (Oh, I used to do this for hours!). Instead of just doing a task, she adds to it. She squeezes the life out of every minute.

That’s a passionate way to live. I love that she loves life, but life doesn’t happen in a time vacuum. We have to go places on time and in one piece.

So, as a mama who loves to milk her minutes, it’s my job to teach my daughter how to manage her time. Three kids have taught me a lot about time management, but I still get stuck in my endeavors.

And when I hyperfocus, I get frustrated because the necessary doesn’t get done. I get irritable with my children who are just being children. I get hard on myself because I can’t ever get it together. See the negative pattern here?

I wrote some tips for what happens when you give a mama a minute for Raising Human Beans. Go check out my post on If You Give a Mama a Minute, She’s Going to Milk It for All It’s Worth (and Why That Isn’t Always a Good Thing).

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