avoid ditching school in the spring

How to Avoid the Desire to Ditch Homeschool in the Spring

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avoid ditching school in the spring

“But, Mama! It’s pretty outside. It’s nice and not hot. Can we have school outside?” These are the days when school gets hard for this mama. I have to try so hard to not deviate from educating my kids. I have to remind myself how to avoid the desire to ditch homeschool in the spring. I bet you need some encouragement too!

First, let’s get the whining out of the way. It’s HARD to crack open books and worksheets when it’s beautiful outside. And where I live, it’s beautiful for about two weeks before it’s blazing hot. It’s been cooler and wetter than normal this year, so we’re getting a little more spring. I’m sure you have your own unique weather challenges, but those perfect days are perfect excuses to ditch school. Ok, ready for a remedy?

Tips for Avoiding the Desire to Ditch Homeschool in the Spring

  1. Take school outside! You are a homeschooler! We have a table and chairs in the yard for just this purpose. We go outside to do messy art, nature study, STEAM activities, and more just about every day,
  2. Cut back the schedule a bit for more outdoor education. Plan a morning of nature study in a state park, at a nature center, or down by the lake. Take a book to read over a snack, draw what you find and notebook it. That’s most of your subjects except math. Do that before you go (because you will not want to come home to math).
  3. Homeschool in the car. History can be an audiobook. Science can be a podcast. Math can be fact review on the iPad. Kids can take turns reading aloud. Add in a chapter of your latest read-aloud, and you’re getting in half a school day just heading to your regular appointments. Who says you’re ditching school when you take a few minutes to mobilize your homeschool.

Need More Ideas on Homeschooling in the Spring?

If you’re in need of more ideas for how to avoid the desire to ditch homeschool in the spring, go read my guest post at Raising Human Beans. I’ve got a whole plan scoped out that will keep you accountable and outside!

I’d love to hear what you think and what you do when you get spring fever. Be sure to leave a comment!

Oh, and go check out my Pinterest board on spring homeschool ideas that get you outside. You’ll find lots of ideas for fun learning with your kiddos.




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