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21 Days of Prepping for Full-Time Travel + Homeschool

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Hey, Y’all! We are ONE month away from our big life change – hitting the road with my traveling hubby! We’ve been homeschooling for almost 8 years and living in separate states most of the past two years. I’m so excited to bring you this series on 21 days of prepping for full-time travel + homeschool.

I’ve written a lot about our homeschool adventure and our travel adventures. However, this is a new chapter – taking three kids, a dog, a homeschool, and our home on the road. We’ve been working hard to minimize our stuff so that we can do this.

I’m going to be blogging through this adventure because it’s fun and almost everyone I talk to asks me how we do it all – the camper, the homeschool with littles, and the travel.

So, I thought I’d invite you along for the ride as I’m prepping for full-time travel + homeschooling. We’re going wherever my husband will be at the end of May, and I’m SO excited. However, May starts tomorrow! I have about 3-4 weeks to get us ready to go.

Here’s what I’ll cover in the series:

  • How I’ve minimized our homeschool for traveling – apps, devices, books, curriculum choices, our travel binders, plus where and how we’ll homeschool.
  • What we’ll do with all of our stuff – We’re keeping our house as a headquarters for now, but I’ll have to be strategic about what we take and leave. This requires some major planning because it’s not like we’ll be an hour away from home.
  • How we clothe 5 people with very little storage space – This is one area of traveling we’ve perfected. We have a great laundry system and strategy for clothing storage and travel. I’ll share the details in this series as I prepare us to go.
  • Where and what we’ll be doing while we travel – Right now, our plan is to go to the North Carolina coast for the summer. However, that’s subject to change at a moment’s notice. So, I have a basic outline of what we’ll do as a homeschool family as we hit the road – where we’ll DO school and how we’ll incorporate our temporary home into our studies and fun.
  • How to travel without losing your mind or all your money This is a big reason we’re going with my hubby – to save money. It’s expensive to live in two different places and still see each other often. We’ve been tweaking our travel spending and figuring out ways to minimize the costs of getting from point A to B.
  • Odds and ends of traveling logistics – I’ll put all the “other” things into this category such as what to do with the mail and food while traveling.

I’d love to hear your questions about this adventure! Please be sure to leave a comment on this post and to follow me on Instagram. I share a lot of our tips and tricks there too.

Posts in this Series (I’ve linked to them above, but here’s a handy list of the exact posts:

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