Book Boxes

13238996_10207990044641580_2723568223930693986_n2I have tried so many subscription programs for my kids. We used to get a box in the mail with activities and a book that related to the activities. I loved this little box, but I didn’t always love the content. A lot of it was not an interest of our family.Then, the company sold out to another company.

So, we joined a book club at our local bookstore. It was kind of fun, but I kept getting books that weren’t all that interesting to my kids or I got books we already had.

That’s the problem with subscribing to a monthly service. You’re not really getting customized content. You’re getting what people think you might like.

So, I’m starting a different sort of subscription service – b00k boxes for kids based on what they like. That’s the beauty of having a book lady to help you choose content your kids will love.


Usborne Books & More has so many options for kids of differing ages. I’m putting together a different box for each of my kids as a Christmas gift this year and I’d love to help you do the same for your children.

This is a great option for your grandparents and extended family. Here are the details of how it works.

You Pick the Books

  1. Create a Wish List of books (either from the catalog or on my website).
  2. I’ll send you books each month (depending on your book box size) off your wishlist and every few months, you’ll receive free books!
  3. You can have family purchase gift certificates toward the books.

Personalized Recommendations


I’ll help you build your child’s library with personalized recommendations. You’ll get an email each month detailing what I’ve picked out based on your Book Box size. Then, you’ll ok each box and a couple weeks later get the best kind of mail – Books!


If you’re interested in the Book Box program, please fill out the following form and I’ll help get you started building your children’s libraries.

***Please note that all book boxes are subject to local sales tax rates and $6 flat shipping.