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A Book List for Homeschool Mamas Getting Ready for Next School Year

We school year-round (sort of) to take the pressure off of getting it all done. I work part-time and we really only school four days a week during the school year. So, it’s easier to spread out the learning over the course of a year. But I don’t do a full schedule or heavy schoolwork

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Five Truths to Encourage Homeschooling Mamas This School Year


I had a great friend over yesterday and we talked homeschooling and raising kids for hours while our kids played. We discussed the expectations of attention, curriculum, the long-term look at where our fourth graders might be in a few years. It’s also the first week of school here in our area. I’ve seen more

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Is There Really a Typical Homeschool Day? Not Really, But Here’s One

Each year, Simple Homeschool (my favorite homeschooling blog) gives readers a chance to share a “day in the life of their homeschool.” This is my post for that linkup. Since this is a newer blog for me (I’ve previously posted here about our days), I thought it might be good to introduce our crew –

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