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When It All Seems Tough, Ask a Three-Year-Old What to Do

I’ve seen this truck several times at the end of my street. It’s a medical supply truck. I thought it was for the tiny lady who lives at the top of the hill. I once knocked on her door trying to catch my¬†obnoxious puppy. I assumed she owned the tramp that Gifted Puppy chased. Nope.

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Demolishing the Walls of Hurt

I’ve been a little busy. More than busy. Life has been overflowing¬†lately. Full of good stuff. But full. And I like to be full, but I don’t like to be overstuffed. And that’s been my life of late. But I’m getting a retreat. I’m going to serve at a retreat called Cursillo in a couple

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A Little Eternal Perspective on Motherhood

If you’ve been struggling lately to keep your eyes on the blessings around you, please let me encourage you to look a little more at the eternal work you’re doing in the small things like conversations with your kids and a mom at Chikfila.  This post is just a compilation of one day of noticing

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