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For God So Loved Michelle, My Sister

Today is my sister Michelle’s 32nd birthday. But she’s not here. She left her earthly life for an eternal one on February 19th. In the past six months, many people have said, “Wow, that’s terrible? May I ask how she died? Was she ill? Did she have an accident?” At first, I thought people were

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Why I’m Never Going to Be Enough

I’m so excited to be a part of Brooke McGlothlin’s Gospel Centered Mom blog tour! I read her Praying for Boys a couple years ago when being a boy mom was the most foreign thing in the world for me. And I loved it. I realized how important prayer is to the mission of motherhood. I realized how

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Becoming a Woman of Promise

Someone said something of a promise to me a few days ago – “If you keep bumping into a situation or hearing a phrase, it might be God talking to you.” Amen. Here are a couple of examples of how that works. I walked into Sunday School (late!) a couple of weeks ago to a

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