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I’m so glad you’re here! This blog is a project dear to my heart because it’s all about sharing the life-giving message of hope – You are enough. You are His. You are a Work of God. Embrace that.

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My mission is to explore this work of God – the work in progress that we are. I hope you will find encouragement and grace here. I hope you are blessed and that you will subscribe so you don’t miss a post. Thank you for being here!

Here’s an overview of the content you can find on this blog.

Professional Mothering


This is about as real as it gets with my crew. My greatest adventures have been on this journey of motherhood. Let’s treat it as such.

There’s nothing that brings you to your knees faster than tiny (or big) reflections of you in living color. I’ve often introduced myself as a professional mother. I believe it’s my job and I should do it with my whole heart. Here’s the content you can expect:

Prep & Protect

Mamas get the extreme privilege of preparing and protecting the works of God with which we are entrusted. Let’s talk about it.

Raising intense and outside-the-box kids.

I truly believe every child is a marvel, but some kids are just “more.” Think intense, creative, stubborn, spirited, sensitive, and fired up (I have three of these, but if you met their father you’d understand.) Nothing comes easy with this breed of kids, but they sure do make life fun and exciting.

Tips and tricks for working with the personalities of your people.

Working with your kids’ and hubby’s natural bent works way better than working them into your plan. (Ask me how I know.) Expect stories and reviews of books and products that help you do this better.

How to take care of you.

There’s a Goldbond commercial on Nick Jr. all the time that says, “You take care of everyone else. Don’t forget to take care of you.” That’s what I’ll share on this blog. Ideas for taking care of you. When you are cared for, they get the best of you. It’s so important to nourish your soul and body too.

Traveling with kids.

My husband works out of town for long stretches and we go see him. I’ve developed quite the list of tips and tricks for traveling with little people on all sorts of transportation.

Focus & Connect

A focus on living present and intentionally inside and outside your home. Your family is your priority, but so are your other relationships.

I’m a big believer in what Elisabeth Eliot wrote to her daughter in “Let Me Be a Woman” about husbands and wives’ roles in their relationship. “If you succumb to the temptation to expect your husband to fulfill all the roles of all the relationships you have had prior to marriage you will learn that this is asking too much. He needs his male friends, you need your female ones, even though your marriage and home take top priority in your interest.”

You owe it to yourself and your family to have healthy friendships and times of fellowship without your husband and children in tow. You are still YOU, and they get a version of you when you take time to go to book club and out for a coffee with a girlfriend.

I realize this can be a difficult topic, so we’ll go there. It’s worth discussing.


We recently ended a trip to Boston with a stop through Nashville. One of our favorite homeschool activities is zooing. These crazy critters loved it.

Homeschooling Hope

My favorite job as a mom is teaching my kids even when one of my dear children tells me you don’t have to read to learn (true story). I’ll share a peek into our homeschool adventures as well as encouragement and resources.

Marriage Matters

I’ve written quite a bit about marriage in this space, and I’ll continue to do that. I believe a strong marriage matters and you can expect honest posts on what that means.

Tough Heart Questions & Answers

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do understand struggle and matters of the heart. This space will be used to discuss issues of the heart and we’ll seek answers from God’s Word. Some of my most popular posts have been on topics such as “What’s the Deal with Head Coverings?” and “When God Calls You Out.” I love digging deep into the heart of the matter. Expect a whole series of Heart Questions & Answers.

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Jesus Loves Me When…

My most popular social media posts are when I pull back the curtain and show off my mountains of dishes or laundry and relate them to how Jesus sees me – valuable, redeemed, loved. Expect encouragement on how much you are loved and blessed to be in His Kingdom.

A Book on How to Work at Home

I’m writing a book on how to be a work-at-home-mother and still keep your priorities straight. I realized last month that I spend a lot of time on Facebook giving advice on how you can work at home and keep your sanity.

I’ve been running a successful freelance writing and marketing business from home for more than 10 years – with a homeschooled big kid and a tiny twosome underfoot. Hubby has almost always traveled for work, so I do the sometimes-solo mama thing too. However, my work is my great equalizer. I love being a mama and a wife, but I love to write and wholeheartedly believe in the home enterprise. You can out more about this here.

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