Six Tips for Traveling Frequently and Homeschooling

Six Tips for Traveling Frequently and Homeschooling

So, we travel A LOT. Everyone is always asking me where we are going next. This week we’re visiting the coast of North Carolina.My hubby is a catastrophe insurance adjuster. He helps people who have been affected by natural disasters with their insurance claims. It’s usually long hours a LONG way from home. This means [...]


Is There Really a Typical Homeschool Day? Not Really, But Here’s One

Each year, Simple Homeschool (my favorite homeschooling blog) gives readers a chance to share a "day in the life of their homeschool." This is my post for that linkup. Since this is a linkup post, I thought it might be good to introduce our crew - Big Girl (8 and in 3rd grade), Man Cub [...]

What We Do All Day: Caterpillars, Picture Day and Morning Time

It's time for another installment in what we do all day in our homeschool. I intended for this to be a weekly look at what we're studying, doing and learning, but life got in the way in March. Spring Break Travels But there's a lot of learning and life lessons in traveling for business with daddy. [...]