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What It Means to Give It All to God

I apologize for my absence the last week. We had a trip that took more of me than I thought – driving 1,600 miles. Whew! It was great, but I’m happy to be home. Today, I’m going to share a Christian vocabulary lesson with you. I’m answering the question of “How do you give it

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Making a Commitment to Prayer & Study Time

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are long days for me. We pack a lot of learning, study and fun into these two days. And if I’m not equipped with my quiet time, these days can drain me and push my limits of self-control. That’s why even when I don’t feel like it, I make time for a

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What I Gained From Losing My Sister

I lost my sister very suddenly two months ago, but I gained so much in this loss. In this beginning of the series on what I gained from loss, I’m focusing on prayer. My sister was a prayer warrior and her influence brought me closer to the Lord through prayer. One of the most powerful weapons we Christians have in our arsenal is our ability to stop right now and pray.

Clearing Heart Clutter Part 2 – A Peek at My Prayer Journal and A Piece of My Heart

Ok. That may be the longest title ever. But it’s necessary. On this journey of heart work, I’ve learned that vulnerability and transparency are incredibly healing. So, today I’m going to share a look at how I process all the heart clutter and my biggest heart matter of all. Let’s start with the easy part.

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The Wildest Day and the Best Ending

Yesterday was a wild day, even for my wilderness. It started about 3 a.m. with a fussy toddler kicking me in the ribs and a smiling baby. Sweet and sour. And sleep deprived. We had pancakes and the man cub fed himself. Yay! Then the washer starts humming a no drain song. We start the cycle

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