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Life Lately and Focusing on Present

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. Life got pretty complicated during my¬†Write 31 Days challenge in October. I wrote a book (for someone else) and became a somewhat single parent as my hubby took a job in another state quite suddenly. Life Lately That’s a big ole glass of survival mode.

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Becoming a Woman of Promise

Someone said something of a promise to me a few days ago – “If you keep bumping into a situation or hearing a phrase, it might be God talking to you.” Amen. Here are a couple of examples of how that works. I walked into Sunday School (late!) a couple of weeks ago to a

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What to Do When Your Child Loses

I awoke Tuesday unsettled. Short-tempered. Kind of like a second Monday after a bad case of food poisoning over the weekend (This really happened.) Yeah, that was my Tuesday this week. And then I remembered that I had to get something in the mail that morning before the mailman came. I decided to do what

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What I Gained From Losing My Sister

I lost my sister very suddenly two months ago, but I gained so much in this loss. In this beginning of the series on what I gained from loss, I’m focusing on prayer. My sister was a prayer warrior and her influence brought me closer to the Lord through prayer. One of the most powerful weapons we Christians have in our arsenal is our ability to stop right now and pray.

The Weary Days Are Worth It

I started this post a few weeks ago and got derailed, but sometimes life needs to be derailed to deal with hard stuff and to recognize the expanse of love. To look for the grace of God through answered prayers and life-changing conversations and moments of stretching your capacity to the end of yourself. So,

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